Extendable Rod | Stretching Pole 135cm~240cm

LJJJ00100006 $12.00

Please note that this listing is for ONE ITEM ONLY! MULTIPLE RODS and other sizes available, please ask and check our other listings.

Material: Iron (also known as high-carbon steel), both ends are PVC.
1. By twisting, the rod will get longer and longer, when the rod reaches the desired length, the two ends will be tight on the wall.
2. By rotating in the opposite direction, the extendable rod can be removed.
Measurements: 135cm~240cm
Diameter: 2.2cm
Weight limited: 10kg (Please note it's NOT suitable hanging heavy stuff like clothings)
Available colours: White

1. Never rust;
2. Paint is environmental friendly, tasteless and smooth;
3. High strength spring inside the rod;
4. More stable and safe.